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Body Talk

Body Talk zine #1

Body Talk zine #1

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Body Talk issue 1 is a collection of works and words by creatives around the world who share their personal experiences with mental health and body image. From using fashion photography to distort the perception of beauty, to reading a comic strip for understanding anxiety, this zine uses off-beat methods of self-expression to question society. 

The zine comes with an additional hand-stitched booklet that contains stories of people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Enjoy flipping through various textures of paper and pull out content that make the zine an interactive read!

With the help of contributors from 15 different countries and 3 languages included in the zine, this introduction issue of Body Talk highlights how people from different cultures and regions can experience similar struggles. 



Creative Direction: Anna Lumsden
Photography: Maria Clara Loruss
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